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  • Interview: Danny Granger, the Sharpie Art Guy

    In the Royal Rumble special from NXT TLK Matt and Boris interviewed Danny Granger. For those who just want to listen to the interview here it is! The guys are joined by Danny Granger Art to discuss his passion in Wrestling, Elvis and life in general. Danny Granger is best known for his sharpie art and most recently his collaboration with Doug Gilmore.

  • Its Canon Podcast 037 -Reboots, Content and Star Link

    This week on the it's Canon Podcast Boris, Tyler and Phil do your weekly news roundup. We dive into the Mass Effect reboot, streaming and the explosion of services and exclusive content. We also take a dove into the news surrounding Stadia from the week and discuss what was actually said. We discuss Amazon and the news that Jeff Bezos is stepping down and finally we chat about WandaVision (seriously go watch it if you aren't already).

  • NXT TLK Special – Royal Rumble Part 1

    Greetings and Salutations! This week on the show the Young Guns (Boris and Matt) talk all things Royal Rumble. Over the past few months they have watched every single Royal Rumble in history from 1988-2021 and ranked every single match from 205 to 1. This episode goes from 205-95. The guys are also joined by Danny Granger Art to discuss his passion in Wrestling, Elvis and life in general. Danny Granger is best known for his sharpie art and most recently his collaboration with Doug Gilmore.

  • Its Canon Podcast 036 – The Stonk Markets

    On this episode Tyler, Phil and Boris have a great roundtable discussing the annual reports of Apple, Microsoft and Tesla.  We then delve into the week of Stonks and the recent news surrounding Gamestop shares.  Luckily Tyler has a lawyer friend named Ian who guests in to shed light into the market actions.  Please be aware that we are in no way making any market investment advice or have any knowledge or interests in the discussed entities. All disclosures will be made ad-hoc during the episode. 

  • Its Canon Podcast 035 – These are the Days of Our Lives

    Tyler, Boris and Phil bring you all of the pop culture news. We let you know about all of the things that tickled us for the week. We chat video games and what's up with the game release schedules and those reviewers.  We dive into changes at Konami, streaming numbers for HBO Max and WWE going to Peacock. For desert we talk about the MCU and WandaVision ep4 - no spoilers!  Don't worry gamestonk talk is coming this week too!

  • Its Canon Podcast 034 – Stocks, Streaming and WandaVision

    Boris, Tyler and Phil are back in the weeks news roundup. This week we talk about the slow burn we see in the MCU, big tech issues, stocks and the Capcom breech. Probably the biggest dust-up regarding streaming metrics and tag in the new movie delays. Tune in and enjoy!

  • Its Canon Podcast 033 – From Video Games with Love

    Tyler, Boris and Phil get back to the good old geek stomping ground and take a cow tipping good time tour of video games. We examine Lucasfilm Games new developments, a deep dive on sales and number stats to really expose the fact that what people did in 2020 was game.. a lot. We look into movies and video games and what's upcoming, along with a visit to the MCU and WandaVision (spoiler free).

  • Its Canon Podcast Essays 001 – Issues in Geek Culture

    Tyler gives us an audio essay on the problem that geek culture has with hate, anger, othering, and more. Not be lament on the problems with the world, he goes into some best practices to make sure that your little corner of the geek world is safe and doing awesome.

  • Its Canon Podcast 032 – 2020 Vision

    Its a new year and what a start! Obviously we have to confront the elephant in the room and give our news roundup the angles on the social media universe with all the bans and changes going on. But first Tyler, Boris and Phil give updates on what's happening in their lives as far as all things geek. We do our news roundup on the week's news but the fun begins with our best and worst picks for 2020. A retrospective on streaming services, video games, consoles, books, TV shows and Movies. A great geek representation happens covering a wide variety of everything that happened in the world of work from home.

  • Its Canon Podcast 031 – We are BACK!

    We are Back and its now 2021!  Boris and Phil break down all the gooey goodness surrounding Wonder Woman 84.  Should you watch it?  Is it bad or good?  Tune in to find out how we received it. We also update Warner Brothers strategy going forward both with HBOmax and theatrical DC releases and touch on some of the new news involving AMC theaters.  The Multiverse is calling and we go there.  Also good banter on show production challenges, theaters in general and finally we talk a bit about collecting with some of the new Lego sets coming out for the new year along with some new developments in strategy from them. Grab your earbuds and take a listen!