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  • Its Canon Podcast 062 – All Hail the Mouse

    This week Boris and Phil take on the Geek and Pop Culture news.  We chat about Disney and the changes within leadership, the digital release world we now live in as well as the rising box office numbers as the world tries to get out of pandemic mode.  We chat about Sony and PS5 sales and availability.  A lively talk about the MCU and movies existing outside of it, good idea or bad?  A week can’t go by without discussing Video games as we chat the news from Ubisoft about its forward strategy and what it really is signaling to gamers.  Grab a drink and take a seat and listen to the Podcast that talks about anything and everything, the podcast that talks about everything Geek, the podcast that talks all things Pop Culture.

  • Its Canon Podcast 061 – Review Bonanza

    This week Boris and Phil give their takes on the TV and movies that are occupying their eyeballs. We touch on the new Jupiter's Legacy showing on Netflix and come to the conclusion that if you like superheroes be sure to binge this ASAP so Netflix can make more seasons of it. As well, we chat about the random shows on our radar from the streaming world. To close it out we take a dive into the 2nd episode of the Bad Batch to keep track of how our heroes are making their way through the galaxy.

  • Its Canon Podcast 060 – The Hustle

    Its Sunday, you know what that means! This week Boris and Phil do the news roundup. There certainly is plenty of things happening in the digital pop culture landscape.  We chat Apple v Facebook, NFT and the NBA, Saturday Night Live with Elon Musk and Dogecoin!  The corporate steamroll keeps going with Discord and Sony news, Apple vs Epic, the news and disclosures surrounding Wal-Mart, Netflix and Sony backroom deals.  Finally we round the episode out with talk on movie contracts going forward and how the studios are changing terms and of course all the Video Game news you can handle!

  • Its Canon Podcast 059 – Revenge of the Fifth

    In celebration of the May the fourth, we bring you Revenge of the Fifth with Boris and Phil.  In this episode we talk all things Star Wars.  The sales going on, the phenomena of the day and the films in Pop Culture.  You will get some great stories about the history of the movies in its proximity to the hosts and a light spoiler talk on the new series The Bad Batch.  Grab your helmets and rest assured you will miss your target with the newest It’s Canon Podcast!

  • Its Canon Podcast 058 – LEGO Live Purchase

    This week Boris and Phil do the news roundup!  We cover everything from the NHL having a new deal with Turner to a live Lego purchase.  We chat video games, Konami pulling out of E3, Cyberpunk bonuses to executives, and news on Last of Us III.  EA has more controversy surrounding loot boxes and their strategy involving their use as well as the ongoing court case between Epic and Apple.  Grab a drink and take a listen to our anniversary show (this iteration). OH and Boris buys LEGO while the show is going on.

  • Its Canon Podcast 057 – The Falcon and Winter Soldier Ep 6 Review

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ep 6 - One World, One People SPOILER talk on the episode, yup one dude has wings, the other has a metal arm

  • Its Canon Podcast 056 – Immortal Kombat

    This week Boris and Phil tackle the news of the week.  We chat Video games and some of the comments made by a creator of the Days Gone video game regarding consumer behavior.    We then venture into the top games on both Sony and Microsofts platforms, guess what?  If you are not Call of Duty, Minecraft or Fortnite you are not with the times.  Boris and Phil have to grapple with that.  We look at Sony upping its streaming resolution and the plays by its competitors too.  The future is staring the industry down.  We also observe the changes coming to the Canadian market with the digital services tax.  Next we dive into content streaming and examine Netflix and HBO subscription numbers.  Finally we examine some DRM news hitting courts and talk up the new Shang Chi movie coming out. 

  • Its Canon Podcast 055 – The Falcon and Winter Soldier Ep 5 Review

    Its Wednesday, you know what that means! The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ep 5 – Truth Flappy bird and the metal arm dude kick some butt and talk about […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 054 – Georgian Games

    This week Boris and Phil bring you all the Pop culture the news roundup!  First up the guys look at the secondary market involving collectables and share some advice.  We dive into the whole Georgia filming controversy and the new state laws regarding voting.  Analysis of the PS5 sales, video game hardware, firmware updates and the ongoing supply issues / secondary market.  Keeping on topic we look at game sales and the absolute monster that is Nintendo.  We discuss xbox and its sales / strategy in the market as well as Cyberpunk and trash reporting going on.  We wrap it up with some Amazon Prime talk and Twitch updates.  Welcome to the world of pop and geek culture, grab a drink and tune in!

  • Its Canon Podcast 053 – Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 4 Review

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ep 4 - The Whole World is Watching Bird man and metal arm dude, Wokandans face off on the Captain guy then stuff and well  listen but be warned, SPOILERS. Nuff Said