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  • Its Canon Podcast 046 – Roblox and the Future of Gaming

    This week on the news roundup, Boris and Phil have a look into video games specifically Roblox and its entry into the stock market.  What is it, how does it work and it's worth what??? We also talk about Outriders, game pass, the whole pre ordering of video games and why maybe we should wait for titles to launch before slamming the cash down to get the games in case they show up free on other services.  This leads us into a small unknown game by EA called FIFA and the scandal surrounding the online selling of rare cards possibly coming from inside the studio, as well as all the controversy involving the loot boxes and shades of gambling.  Naturally we give an update on Stadia and the busy week they had, streaming services and the recent high numbers of viewers and finally we have a non spoiler chat about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  • Its Canon Podcast 045 – Chat With Jamil Barbar of the Barbar Show

    Boris is joined by Jamil Barbar of The Barbar Show to discuss life. We get in depth about money, the future, 9-5 jobs and so much more. It was a super fun chat and its a must listen to episode if you want to see how people of various age groupos view the work life balance as they prep for the future.

  • Its Canon Podcast 044 – NFT Galore

    This week in the news round up Boris and Phil talk all things uber tech.  Starting off we talk about all things NFT and Blockchain.  Serious questions abound about fungible and non fungible things, possibly what this all means going forward for art, music and the world as we know it.  We also talk about xbox and Bethesda having a big week on Game Pass and its future.  Stonks, because Gamestop had another nutty week and finally the ultra confusing world of streaming service soup that is out there with exclusives, NHL and WWE.  Grab a set, pour yourself and drink and spend some time with us on our weekly journey!

  • Its Canon Podcast 043 – WandaVision Review with Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast

    Boris and Phil are joined by Brad from the Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast! They jump into a full season review of WandaVision by going episode by episode talking about their faviurite parts and calling out key MCU keys. They talk about the Multiverse, Red Herrings and Mephisto. Its a fun chat but its spoiler heavy!

  • Its Canon Podcast 042 – Nintendo, Privacy, and Re-Openings

    Boris and Phil as they discuss the news of the week. They take us on a tour of the new rumours of Nintendo launching a beefed up switch, do a catch up on games and privacy in the cloud. We chat about the SEC uncovering info about AT&T as well as the upcoming openings happening for Disney and sports teams in California.  Grab your headphones or crank up your speakers and enjoy a chat about all this happening in the world of pop culture and geek!

  • Its Canon Podcast 041 – Chat with Carl from Red Thread Brewing

    Today on the show we are joined by Carl Milroy of Red Thread Brewing. We chat about beer, the process of making beer, getting beer to the store shelves in Ontario, pairing beer and much more!

  • Its Canon Podcast 040 – Controlling the Message

    This week on the show Boris and Phil have your news roundup.  We review what's been on the tube and in our reading pile for the week and of course we have some spicy topics to cover.  First up we have the re-opening of Movie theaters and what we think this may mean for the industry.  We then roll into the worldwide shortage of semiconductors and how this may affect products like cars, gaming consoles, computers IOT devices and medical equipment.  Safe to say, Ladies and Gentlemen we may have a problem.  To round things our we do a dive into Anthem (R.I.P.) the video game industry, lack of fair coverage and the issues surrounding Stadia. 

  • Its Canon Podcast 039 – Nostalgia Kicks In

    It is a strange time and there is an evil surge in the podcast universe….we are still missing Tyler but goodness isn’t far as Boris and Phil continue to hold the fort. This week we have a light news week, it seems like nostalgia is coming back in a big way both in Video Games and in streaming services. We chat about Blizzard, Nintendo and the Muppets. We also have a talk about PS5 impressions as the It's Canon wonder twins unite by all having the platform. Keeping with video games we dive into the news of DCMA talke downs issued for CD Projekt Reds source code. As well, we finally acknowledge the elephant in the room - the upcoming Justice League directors cut trailer and our impressions of it. Grab your headphones or crank up your speakers and enjoy a chat about all this happening in the world of pop culture and geek!

  • Its Canon Podcast 038 – Firings, Hackers and Bias OH MY!

    This week Boris and Phil are bringing you the weekly news roundup.  We have a very honest chat about all the shows and movies that we have recently watched as well as some of the big stories of the week .  Naturally we tackle the Gina Carrano news and what it means for Star Wars / Disney going forward.  We then slide into a chat regarding CD Projekt Red and their recent Hack of Cyberpunk / Witcher software.  A lively debate on minimum wage and how movie theater chains are complaining that this is the straw that will break the industries back.  Finally we go into the world of Stadia and examine some of the industry bias towards the platform that really holds people back from enjoying it.

  • NXT TLK Special – Royal Rumble Part 2

    Greetings and Salutations! This week on the show the Young Guns (Boris and Matt) talk all things Royal Rumble. Over the past few months they have watched every single Royal Rumble in history from 1988-2021 and ranked every single match from 205 to 1. This episode goes from 94-1.  The guys are joined by Mike Fenn of the Work Rate Podcast. The Work Rate is a podcast dedicated to giving thoughtful analysis and opinions on professional wrestling from around the globe love. You can find the Work Rate Podcast on Apple and Spotify. You should also give them a follow on Twitter. Our second guest of the show is Zane66 of Dark Side of the Elite and We the Dark Order North. This podcast is dedicated to AEW Coverage and focuses on reviewing Being the Elite. You can find them on Apple and Spotify. You should also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.