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  • Its Canon Podcast 002 – We are Disconnected

    This weeks episode is a technologically frustrating masterpiece. The internet died a few times BUT the guys were able to get the entire episode in. Boris and Phil talk about what it will take to get back to a movie theater? With more and more theaters opening in the USA, what movies will the be showing? Will the New Mutants finally get released? Do the creators of Intellectual Property have a say in how we see their creations? Should they? What gets you excited nowadays for new content? Are companies releasing too much info? Are you still surprised when watching certain movies or TV shows? The guys talk about the new gen video-gaming systems! And the best part of it all is that its all IN CANON!

  • Its canon Podcast Special – May the Fourth and all things Star Wars!

    Happy May the Fourth! Boris and Phil chat all things STAR WARS on this special mid-week episode of the ITS CANON PODCAST. They run through the latest news in the world of STAR WARS then go in depth covering the last 4 episodes of the CLONE WARS series from Disney Plus. Listen on and send us your feedback on how you are celebrating May the Fourth!

  • Its Canon Podcast 001 – The Artful Vandelcast

    Boris IS BACK! Thats right! We may not have our regular equipment for now but the show is just as good and fun as always. We are joined with a our new host, Phil. This week the guys talk about the Universal Pictures vs AMC controversy. They chat about the way that the industry is changing and how we will consume entertainment in the future. As always, Phil and Boris chat Star Wars. In this episode they announced that on May 4 we will have a STAR WARS Special. Then in the back half we have an interview with Artful Vandelays member Anton Hyginus and how he got involved with music and other topics. The Artful Vandelays released a Quarantine video on their Instagram account @artfulvandelays ( You can check out more info about Artful Vandelays on their official site:

  • Its Canon Podcast 000 – Preview

    Yes thats right…we are BACK!

  • Its Canon Podcast Season 3 Episode 2: Streaming Services and all the Edits

    Tyler is having all of the technical issues today. Boris thought it would be hilarious to leave the episode somewhat unedited. In the first half Tyler and Boris talk about […]

  • Its Canon Podcast: Season 3 Episode 1: Sick Day

    Boris is sick and Tyler says ick but we’re still showing up to serve you pop-culture goodness. First we rock out with the news we’ve missed, and there’s so much […]