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  • Its Canon Podcast 8.2 – We’re a Barbie Girl in this Barbie World

    This episode Boris and Phil chat about collecting toys with the amazing Loryn Stone. We chat about collectors and the children who consume the product, how exclusives to stores complicates the enjoyment of the hobby and nostalgia. We also get into collection value and what our favorite lines of toys are to collect!  Give it a listen and thanks to Loryn! And the best part of it all is that its all IN CANON! Loryn Stone is the Editor in Chief of Toy Wizards and has dedicated her life to the Word of the Nerd. She is most excited by collecting toys, writing about them, and infiltrating the convention scene.

  • Its Canon Podcast 8.1 – Happy Birthday Clueless!

    On this week's episode Boris and Phil get to their Weekly roundup of all things geek. Boris reveals he has a secret obsession with the Golden Girls as well as reviewing some Netflix movie rankings. We also examine the movie industry and further complications for opening them in this trying time and some alternate ideas on opening strategies. For the video gamers we chat about Ghost if Tsushima and our experiences playing it so far. We do a rant on Microsoft's Xbox launch strategy and air some concerns about lack of new triple A titles. Finally we look at movie cannibalism with alternate cut fanbase demand, new comics, series endings and Animal Crossing mayhem.

  • Its Canon Podcast 7.2 – Lets get Digital OR Physical

    Digital vs Physical. Everyone has chosen a side. In this episode of the ITS CANON PODCAST, Boris and Phil chat about the every lasting debate of whether they buy their geek products in digital or physical form. Boris and Phil go in depth about the Comic Book, Video Game, and Movies industries. They chat about current market numbers, prices, convenience, creator owned rights, DRM and much more. 

  • Its Canon Podcast 7.1 – Adventures with my PS4

    This weeks news episode revolves around a story. The story starts off with our hero Boris just wanting to play "The Last of Us 2" and takes a turn for the worse. Boris and Phil also chat about production shut downs on a movie about a pandemic.....(Can't make this up). They chat in detail about the pricing of the next gen consoles games and what publishers want to charge for Triple A titles. Boris and Phil even talk sports this week as MLS is reporting some snags with their suggested start up tournament later in the week. Boris and Phil share their mid-season thoughts on TNT's hit show "Snowpiercer" and we close out with Phil's weekly "Animal Crossing" update. Join us or Part 1 as we cover all of the major news in all things everything. Be sure to check us out mid-week as we release Part 2 which will focus on the ever going debate of Digital vs Physical media. And the best part of it all is that its all IN CANON!

  • Its Canon Podcast 006.2 – Dank and Moist

    On this part of the podcast, Boris and Phil go in depth and discuss the brave new world of what production of TV and Films will have to go through […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 006.1 – The Last of You

    The week on the Podcast Boris and Phil chat about “The Last of Us” from PS4. AS they chat about the game they talk about representation in pop culture.  Boris […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 005.2 – Everything New is Old Again

    This is the second half of our marathon recording session! In this episode we start by giving our listeners our picks of the week. These picks of the week can come from any medium. Then we talk about the PlayStation 5 unveiling event. We go in depth about the video games so far announced, the design, the specs, and the overall feeling of the new generation of gaming. Boris and Phil get in depth talking about whether backwards compatibility is actually important.  And the best part of it all is that its all IN CANON!

  • Its Canon Podcast 005.1 – Everything Old is New Again

    This weeks show is TOO BIG FOR ONE EPISODE! We recorded for 3 hours and decided to split the episode into two parts. The first part of the show will feature our all thinks geek chat as Boris and Phil chat about Bill and Ted’s new trailer. They chat about the man, the myth and the legend Keanu Reeves. The guys then have a discussion about reboots and remakes as Phil gets called out on a contradiction as it pertains to reboots and remakes. The guys also chat about Riverdale….. Its a must listen episode for sure! And the best part of it all is that its all IN CANON!

  • Its Canon Podcast 004 – The Skynet Conundrum

    On this week's episode the Boris and Phil chat about the Snyder cut and whether we are setting a bad precedence for consumers to demand a new cut of a film. The guys then tak about streaming services and we revel the (not so) surprising results to our weekly poll on whether there are too many streaming services available. The guys quickly chat about NASA, Animal Crossing, and reality TV...yet again. Once we are back from break Phil leads the discussion as we talk about Artificial Intelligence. We talk about all aspects of A.I, from social media influences to data mining to security. We get deep in the rabbit hole.

  • Its Canon Podcast 003 – We are all Transformers

    This weeks show contains some very adult material and if you are under 18 or listen with a younger one or are sensitive to some graphic subjects then we really hope you use your judgement and skip to the second half of the show where we chat about the after-life and in particular the TV show "Upload"