Its Canon Podcast Special: W8’ting to Exhale

We have another special lined up for you! This time it is a special interview with the creator of W8Time, the community driven experience that helps you while waiting in line. We are joined by the one and only Mic Valencia. 

w8time <pronounced wait time> takes the waiting experience to a new level. It provides a Public Service powered by the community, where you can find how long is the line wait time in. w8time started operations by informing the community of Toronto. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the busiest times to shop at essential services. 

The guys talk about the creation of W8Time, what the future holds and many more topics in between.  

You may want to listen to the closing credits for a behind the scenes listen to the banter that happens during recordings of the episode.

The internet wasn’t the nicest to us again and the sound quality of the episode wasnt the best BUT We promise to have our studio sounding equipment ASAP.

You can find W8time using:

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