Its Canon Podcast 101 – You down with FTC (Yeah you know me)

Its Monday, You know what that means!

We are coming at you this week with the full landing party!  That’s right Tyler, Phil and Boris are back on the podcast punching our way into the geek sphere once again.  This week we delve into some of the recent remakes hitting consoles like Dead Space, we chat streaming and some possible issues here in the great white north with Netflix, the Disney re-org, Stadia’s shutdown and answer the question for Boris – Arcane or Edgerunners?  We give our non spoiler review of The Last of Us Ep 5 and finally the main event – What the heck is going on with the Activision/ Blizzard merger with Microsoft after the news of objection in the UK.  Join us on the journey to figure out these mysteries and more on the iT’s Canon Podcast!

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