Its Canon Podcast 041 – Chat with Carl from Red Thread Brewing

Today on the show we are joined by Carl Milroy of Red Thread Brewing. We chat about beer, the process of making beer, getting beer to the store shelves in Ontario, pairing beer and much more!

About Red Thread Brewing:

Located in Ontario Canada, Red Thread Brewing has been brewing beer since 2017. At Red Thread Brewing, we celebrate the little moments in life – the ones that make each of us unique. Just like our beer.

We are passionate about craft beer, and over the 3 decades we’ve worked in beverage/hospitality, we’ve done a LOT of tasting. Our top priority is creating great products. Our secondary focus is environmental consciousness and sustainability: for example, we reuse the spent grains from each batch and make great secondary products such as granolas, breads & even doggie treats.




Grab your headphones or crank up your speakers and enjoy a chat about all this happening in the world of pop culture and geek!

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