Its Canon Podcast 039 – Nostalgia Kicks In

Its Sunday, you know what that means!

It is a strange time and there is an evil surge in the podcast universe….we are still missing Tyler but goodness isn’t far as Boris and Phil continue to hold the fort.  This week we have a light news week, it seems like nostalgia is coming back in a big way both in Video Games and in streaming services.  We chat about Blizzard, Nintendo and the Muppets.  We also have a talk about PS5 impressions as the It’s Canon wonder twins unite by all having the platform.  Keeping with video games we dive into the news of DCMA talke downs issued for CD Projekt Reds source code.  As well, we finally acknowledge the elephant in the room – the upcoming Justice League directors cut trailer and our impressions of it.  

Grab your headphones or crank up your speakers and enjoy a chat about all this happening in the world of pop culture and geek!

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