Its Canon Podcast 004 – The Skynet Conundrum

***** We at ITS CANON PODCAST want to bring you a show where you can forget about things going on outside BUT that doesn’t mean we will ignore major real life situations. At the start of the episode Boris and Phil address the ongoing protests in the USA. We cannot ignore this. For those who want to listen to the regularly scheduled content you can skip to 10:32 *****

On this week’s episode the Boris and Phil chat about the Snyder cut and whether we are setting a bad precedence for consumers to demand a new cut of a film. The guys then tak about streaming services and we revel the (not so) surprising results to our weekly poll on whether there are too many streaming services available. The guys quickly chat about NASA, Animal Crossing, and reality TV…yet again.

Once we are back from break Phil leads the discussion as we talk about Artificial Intelligence. We talk about all aspects of A.I, from social media influences to data mining to security. We get deep in the rabbit hole.

Here is a breakdown of the subjects we talk about this week:
0:00 Discussion on the ongoing Protests – Listener Discretion Advised
10:32 Weekly news
1:08:43 we are back from break and discuss Artificial Intelligence

And the best part of it all is that its all IN CANON!

We promise to have our studio sounding equipment ASAP.

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