• Its Canon Podcast 22.2 – It was the Best of TImes It was the Worst of Times

    Welcome to our feature episode on the It's canon podcast. This week Tyler, Boris and Phil welcome Matt from Operation Sports and NXT TLK to talk sports games and the change into next gen of consoles. We collectively run down our worst and best for each console and hilarity ensues! Give us your ears and geek it up!!!

  • Its Canon Podcast 22.1 – Its a Bear Market

    This week on the It's canon podcast Tyler Boris and Phil chat about everything going on in the world of geek. We double down on business, business, business...and do a deep dive on Square Enix's stock reaction regarding Avengers. We chat movies, games and what's filming in Toronto. It bodes well for a Covid world so give it a listen!

  • Its Canon Podcast Special – The Mandalorian S2E2 Chapter 10 Review

    In this episode Boris, Tyler, Phil and our special guest Keith Kappel dissect and discuss all the events in this week's episode - The Passenger Keith has unique insight into the Star Wars universe as a major writing contributor for the RPG component of the franchise. His insight on Tatooine, Mandalore culture and the creatures in Star Wars is deep to say the least. We have some major reveals about the origins and canon references to the spiders! Make sure to listen in on one of the most packed canon episodes of the It's Canon Podcast!

  • NXT TLK 2 -Half Decent Shows (November 4, 2020)

    On this weeks show the Young Gungs, Boris and Matt break down NXT TV from November 4, 2020. They chat about Johnny Gargano's heel turn, praise Pat McAfee's promo work, chat womens wrestling and ignore Tommaso Ciampa's opponent in the main event.  They then give their picks for match and promo of the night from NXT and AEW Dynamite. They also debut a new segment called "What makes you Pop, What makes you Rant". Lastly, they run down and give predictions on AEW's Full Gear PPV which takes place this Saturday November 7,2020

  • Its Canon Podcast 21.2 – Chat with Fearless Fred

    This week on our featured episode Boris and Phil have the one and only Fearless Fred on to talk all things geek including his latest project MUD 79. We discuss his early comics, the Canadian comic industry and we get into the trenches with Star Wars and the complexities of the vast universe. Come on in, grab a beverage and turn up the podcast with us!

  • Its Canon Podcast Special – The Mandalorian S2E1 Chapter 9 Review

    This week Boris and Phil have a special guest on Carl Milroy from @rtbrewing in to talk about the episode, what we noticed, the themes and our hopes and expectations for this season. Give us a listen and be sure to watch chapter 10 with a beer from our friends.

  • Its Canon Podcast 21.1 – Haloween Dazed

    This week in nerdy news Boris and Phil do some reaction to the mess in launching games. Halo Infinite is first up followed by Cyberpunk 2077. We get into talk about the upcoming console launch, the challenge facing movie theaters and streaming changes happening right now...we're looking at you Netflix.

  • NXT TLK 1 – Halloween Havoc (October 29, 2020)

    On the debut episode of “NXT TLK” the Young Guns run down WWE NXT: Halloween Havoc from the Capital Wrestling Center. We discuss all of the matches and give our thoughts on whats next. We also discuss why people need to relax on ratings and why it’s a good idea that NXT is not involved in Survivor Series. This podcast is part of Sunday Nights Main Even Podcast contest. Check out SNME Radio here

  • Its Canon Podcast 20.2 – Chat with Brews and Blasters PEW PEW

    In this week's featured episode we have Joe from Brews and Blasters podcast on to talk about the Star Wars sequel trilogy, the stand alone movies and so much more.  We get all sweaty about the Mandalorian season 2, Obi-wan, star wars books and the ending of the Clone Wars! Come on in, pop on your headphones and enjoy the galaxy far far away with us today! You can find Brews and Blasters at RetroZap! and anywhere you download your podcasts

  • Its Canon Podcast 20.1 – Let the Past DIE

    Welcome to our "20th episode" of 2020. This week Boris, Tyler and Phil round up the news of the week in the most chaotic start to an episode we have ever done. Lots of streaming service talk this week from games to movies. Issues of meat placements and retractions by game studios.  We talk spoilers on Borat 2 and the craziness of it.  By this point you should be listening to the show and not reading this meandering write up!