• Its Canon Podcast 104 – Catching up with Boris & Phil

    Its Monday, You know what that means! its time for newest episode of the pop culture show that chats about anything and everything. This week on the iT’s Canon Podcast […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 103 – Wizards of the Canon and Open Licenses

    Its Monday, You know what that means! its time for newest episode of the pop culture show that chats about anything and everything. This week Tyler and Boris (Get better […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 102 – Its Canon meets VR & Quantumania

    Its Monday, You know what that means! This week the trio of geeks – Tyler, Phil and Boris tackle the news. We chat about shows we’re watching from cartoons (The […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 101 – You down with FTC (Yeah you know me)

    Its Monday, You know what that means! We are coming at you this week with the full landing party!  That’s right Tyler, Phil and Boris are back on the podcast […]

  • iT’s Canon Podcast 100 – WE ARE HERE!

    This week on the podcast Boris and Phil  are bringing the show back to start off the 2023 season for the show.  We go over all of the crazy stuff […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 099 – House of Canon

    This week on the podcast Boris, Tyler and Phil (by some strange miracle in nature the three have convened yet again) to bring the banter to your headspace. We chat all things about streaming services from release strategy and some suspicious movements regarding back catalogues. The trio do their take on the return of Frank Miller. A nice preview of the House of Dragons and our reaction to it as well as She Hulk and some ongoing chat regarding the fan base issues being demonstrated all over. Give us a download and enjoy, remember that its all in Canon!

  • Its Canon Podcast 098 – Its Go Time

    And we;re back.  I know we have said it before, heck we will probably have to say it again at some point but the three amigos unite to bring you one step closer to our not really real (but I assure you it's real) 100th episode where we will reveal we own a crystal ball that sometimes sees into the future and mostly into the past).  We chat about the absolute mess at HBO Discovery, the fun at Disney and what the heck Andor?  As well as some fun banter regarding workplace culture and living the dream.

  • Its Canon Podcast 097 – A Moonlit Halo

    This week Boris and Phil are in the studio to present all things new for the geek verse. First up we take a look at the new Playstation Plus service changes and tiers announced today to take effect in June. They are finally competing with Xbox Game Pass so gaming is heating up. We also take a look at some pretty shady behaviour by Polyphony Digital and the review / microtransaction fiasco with Gran Turismo 7. We also take a look at Gearbox Softwares Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Finally we talk TV and give some thoughts on the new Halo show showing on Paramount + as well as an early non spoiler review of Moon Knight (yes we have seen it!). So pop a beverage and turn up your stereo and enjoy the iT’s Canon Podcast!

  • Its Canon Podcast 096 – Muppets don’t Poop

    This week in geek Boris and Phil tackle the news. Not really a lot of it to be honest. We chat about games, Returnal, racing as well as what's going on in the world of entertainment. Finally we give our thoughts on the new Star Wars show trailer in Obi=Wan Kenobi and have a nice childhood nostalgia visit on the toys growing up and the shows thst impacted us.

  • Its Canon Podcast 095 – Talkin’ WWE 2k22, Lego, & The Batman

    This week Boris and Phil give you the week in geek!  We chat about all the fun ads in the super ball party game broadcast - especially the new trailer for Doctor Strange Multivers of madness and the DC reveals.  Then its on to all the months video game releases on each of the big 3 systems and what excites us, the new Nintendo direct is something we noticed this week too.  Finally we talk about Peacemaker and the hilarity it is.  To round it all out we do our final thoughts on the Book of Boba Fett.  Grab your speakers and charge them up for the iT’s Canon Podcast!