• Its Canon Podcast 073 -Thankfully not Activision

    Its Monday, you know what that means....  Its the Podcast that chats about everything Geek and Pop Culture. This week on the Podcast we have Boris, Phil and Tyler!  The legend returns and the gang unites to give you the weekly new roundup.  We chat Loki, Masters of the Universe Revelation,and lots of other TV / streaming that is hitting our frequency over the last week.  We also examine the box office numbers as well as the new release strategy being used on television series to prioritize subscription services.  The news of Activision / Blizzard with their policies gets a talk, we ask the question if the industry is actually going to change?  Finally the crew tackles the semiconductor shortage as well as the experience in upgrading from the Xbox One to the Series X/S.  Grab your headphones and enjoy!

  • Its Canon Podcast: B.A.M Weekly 004 – Making an Impact

    On this weeks episode Boris and Matt: Chat the NHL Expansion draft Chat TFC and Blue Jays getting fans back Chat an AMAZING AEW Dynamite Show Review ROH Tv from […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 072 – The Multiverse is Open for Business

    It's time for Boris and Phil to bring you the It’s Canon Podcast weekly episode!  Its the Podcast that chats about everything Geek and Pop Culture. This time round the sun we chat about terrible movies on Netflix, the box office performance from the weekend along with the fun that is Space Jam.  We chat about the challenges in the movie industry to get attendance up for the modern (not so modern) theater experience.  We also chat about the newly announced Steam Deck that is getting ready to bring its delicious Linux cores to our holiday season as well as the Bad Batch brief review and SPOILERS - all things Loki and what it means for the MCU! 

  • Its Canon Podcast 071 – News, Therapy, and Reviews

    It's time for Boris and Phil to bring you the It’s Canon Podcast weekly episode!  This week we look at the box office and home box office numbers highlighting the big contender - Black Widow.  It's a general non-spoiler talk about the movie and how it's doing at the box office domestically.  We also look at news of the new Nintendo Switch and the controversy around it.  As well, other video game news, Marvel movie deal changes, Loki and the Bad Batch - some Spoilers in that part but it's been a bit, get watching and get listening!

  • Its Canon Podcast: B.A.M Weekly 002 – Holiday Review Round-up

    On this weeks episode Boris and Matt begin their tour of the pro wrestling world as they review ROH TV from July 3, 2021 NWA Powerrr from July 6, 2021 NJPW Strong from July 2, 2021 They then get into their pick contest as they preview ROH Best in the World 2021 and MLW Battle Riot 2021. Lastly, an old fave segment is back as Boris and Matt give their pop and rant of the week. Be sure to listen next week as we review ROH Best in the World PPV.

  • Its Canon Podcast 070 – The Loki Batch

    This week Boris and Phil bring you the combined episode reviewing news and what's been in front of our eyes for television.  We discuss the box office numbers and the signals being sent for the movie industry and its recovery.  We look at video game trends with big names, new titles and the new Directors cut versions hitting the market.  We also look at the landscape regarding the absorption of studios by the big players and what that means for gamers.  We also chat about Lego con and the big news regarding a certain bounty hunters spaceship name, finally visiting TV (Spoilers) with the Bad Batch and Loki.  Grab your headphones and enjoy!

  • Its Canon Podcast: B.A.M Weekly 001 – Top 100 of 2021…so far

    Its Thursday, You know what that means…. In the debut episode of B.A.M Weekly Boris and Matt take a look at 2021 so far as they give you their list […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 069 – Noice

    This week the gang is back!  Boris, Phil and Tyler Spoil everything including your dinner on the Geek and Pop culture show. Oh and its episode 69.

  • Its Canon Podcast 068 – Summer Dumber

    This week, well...Boris and Phil bring you a show.  No promises as we seem to be in one of the silliest moods anyone can have on a weeknight!  First up, we talk about spoilers and a whole bunch of other things like Indiana Jones 40th anniversary and How I met your Mother Star Wars theory, hell even some Big Bang Theory and its effect on pop culture.  Of course we chat about what games we are playing, respective collecting, books, comics and lastly what we are watching.   We finish off with the Bad Batch chat as well as Loki.  Have a listen and enjoy the banter!

  • Its Canon Podcast: NXT TLK 032 – Joe Joe Joe

    This week on the show the Young Guns (Boris and Matt) are BACK in the same room and have a jam packed show talking all things NXT and Pro Wrestling. This weeks show features: A quick chat about what’s going on in the lives of the Young Guns Recap, analysis and review of  NXT TV from June 15th 2021 which featured all of the fallout from NXT TakeOver: In Your House We will chat some NXT UK in NXT UK Corner We will close the show by giving you the results of our Pick Contest from NXT TakeOver: In Your House and give you our picks for Hell In a Cell