• Its Canon Podcast 055 – The Falcon and Winter Soldier Ep 5 Review

    Its Wednesday, you know what that means! The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ep 5 – Truth Flappy bird and the metal arm dude kick some butt and talk about […]

  • Its Canon Podcast 054 – Georgian Games

    This week Boris and Phil bring you all the Pop culture the news roundup!  First up the guys look at the secondary market involving collectables and share some advice.  We dive into the whole Georgia filming controversy and the new state laws regarding voting.  Analysis of the PS5 sales, video game hardware, firmware updates and the ongoing supply issues / secondary market.  Keeping on topic we look at game sales and the absolute monster that is Nintendo.  We discuss xbox and its sales / strategy in the market as well as Cyberpunk and trash reporting going on.  We wrap it up with some Amazon Prime talk and Twitch updates.  Welcome to the world of pop and geek culture, grab a drink and tune in!

  • Its Canon Podcast 053 – Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 4 Review

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ep 4 - The Whole World is Watching Bird man and metal arm dude, Wokandans face off on the Captain guy then stuff and well  listen but be warned, SPOILERS. Nuff Said

  • Its Canon Podcast 052 – Tech & Society

    We are back with the news roundup. It's a pretty heavy week on the tech side of life this time round. Boris and Phil dive headfirst into the Cryptocurrency / blockchain end of things to explore the environmental responsibilities of the whole industry and its goals. We examine the pivot the tech industry had to do in order to support working from home and the mental and emotional stress it puts on everyone as well as the repercussions on industry and development. We chat about twitch and other platforms regarding their policies with content creators and what it really says about everyone involved. In big news it seems more platforms have been compromised with your personal data being the commodity surrendered. Finally we have some fun chatting about the box office numbers involving lightning lizards and some industry moves by Netflix to battle the big mouse house.

  • NXT TLK Special – Chat with Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

    Greetings and Salutations! This week on the show the Young Guns (Boris and Matt) take some time before WRESTLEMANIA 37 weekend to chat with Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel who write the Comic book Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia. They chat about their wrestling inspirations for the book, watching wrestling live during the territories days, all the wrestling they consumed for research, and their plans for the series moving forward.

  • Its Canon Podcast 051 – Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 3 Review

    The Falcon and Winter soldier Ep 3 - The Power Broker In this episode Boris and Phil do a SPOILER review of episode 3. Bird man and metal arm dude...nuff said

  • Its Canon Podcast 050 – Kaiju Big Battle

    This week Boris and Phil bring you the news. It's also the 50th episode, well not really we have made way more than 50 shows in the last 11 months, but numbering is a funny thing so this is the landmark show that bears the title. This week we talk about MLB The Show coming to Gamepass and how these deals go down, we chat Cyberpunk patch 1.2 as well as recent developer news. There is some interesting analysis on game delays and the strategy surrounding them in the industry, Comic Conventions in 2021 and the shooting schedule for The Last of Us series. We wrap things up with some commentary on the streaming services and the newest product lines from LEGO! Kick back and relax with the Its Canon Podcast!

  • Its Canon Podcast 049 – Couples Therapy

    The Falcon and Winter soldier Ep2 - The Star Spangled Man In this episode Boris and Phil do a SPOILER review of episode 2. We break down the scenes, our thoughts and dive a bit into the MCU comics and lore. We also give our takes on the depth of the characters, interactions and look to where we think the series may be heading as well as our advice on how viewers should prep themselves. Tune in and enjoy this weeks special.

  • Its Canon Podcast 048 – Cooking Tips with Phil and Boris

    This week on the new roundup Boris and Phil have a jam packed episode!  We chat about Disney and the MCU bringing Black Widow to streaming and theaters this summer as well as what's going on in the covid cinema world with re-openings.  We also give our takes on the talk around the possible Discord purchase by Microsoft and the idea of remaining an independent company.   We have a great dive into topics we have been monitoring regarding the world wide chip shortage, shoes and Gamestop going forward.  Finally we review the upcoming con season and single guy meal planning life.  Yes, we are old.

  • Its Canon Podcast 047 -The Aguilar Cut

    This week's feature episode is delivered exactly as promised.  Boris and Phil tear into the DCEU’s latest offering, the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League.  Did we like it?  Did we hate it?  What the heck is a Superman?  Who is the Flash and what happens to the Cyborg dude?  What are those black lines going up the sides of my TV?  Why is it four hours long???   To follow up we also take a look at the latest offering from Marvel in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.  Thoughts on episode number one of six, we see if we like this new show, is it too much like the movies?  How does the blip affect the world?  Why isn't Bucky using online dating more and really, what was it like when he did?  Let's spend some time getting into all things comic book movies and shows!