• Its Canon Podcast 19.2 – Chat with Jim Zub

    In this feature episode Boris and Phil get to interview the amazing Jim Zub! He offers amazing insight to all creators. Seriously, just go listen, the guy has amazing insight and experience is comic writing, properties like Conan the Barbarian, Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back From a Certain Point of View. All of these titles will be available soon. Now really go stream it or download it and enjoy!

  • Its Canon Podcast 19.1 -Sunday Chatter

    Hey everyone the It's Canon Podcast is back with it's news roundup for the week. In this week's episode Boris and Phil chat about Disney and its plans to move into a new digital streaming direction. As well lots of star wars rumours as well as marvel Disney + talk. We chat about digital distribution strategies, the video game news as well as what's happening in the world of movies. Treat your ears to some geek therapy!

  • Its Canon Podcast 18.2 – RAW with Apple

    Welcome everyone to a special episode where Boris and Phil chat all things Apple iPhone 12. We chat up all the new products announced this week. We chat music, phones, music services, cameras and the brave new world. Warning: we do chat the boys so SPOILERS oh and don't email if you are racist.

  • Its Canon Podcast 18.1 – Thanksgiving Extravaganza

    This week we have the return of Boris!  Tyler and Phil join in to discuss all things geek for the week. We chat about the new launch dates for movies and the impact it may have as well as Boris eats a big Mac while Tyler and Phil break down. Not really sure if anyone reads this far in these things but there be good in them hills!  The trio take on comics and the industry, Allan Moore comments, conspiracy stuff, the boys, Terry Pratchett shows, and all things video games. Lend us your ears and subscribe today!

  • Its Canon Podcast 17.1 – The Hunt for Boris October

    This week Tyler and Phil do the news roundup for geeks. We talk about crunch for he's, streaming game services, WB purchase leaks, star wars news, comics and streaming shows on HBO & Amazon. Lend us your ears and join the chat!

  • Its Canon Podcast 16.1 – Good Boris Hunting

    In this episode Tyler and Phil take on the news!  Boris is MIA but no worries, Joe Rogan will find him.  We chat about the news that Microsoft purchased a pretty big game studio and the absolute shambles the new systems launches are along with the silly anti consumer practices we are seeing. Amazon is entering into game streaming as well as more movies sliding into 2021.  Next up we chat about what's going on with the Mandolorian season 2 rumours, Emmy's, dark crystal cancellations and Tesla. Listen up and lend us your ears!

  • Its Canon Podcast 15.1 – Podcasting Voice?

    A thrilling reunification of the whole team is here… Boris, Tyler and Phil are back to give you that great podcast voice geek update. We talk about podcasts on the podcast! As well we look into the Chris Evans Instagram post that shook the world. Boris gives us his Mulan experience, naturally we go and investigate the bigger issues at Disney with movie premiere dates moving again and naturally how it all related to Star Wars. We spend some time digging through the new console wars and talk up some TV. Tune in for your geek ear buffet

  • Its Canon Podcast 14.2 – PS5…This is the Way

    Special Special! Read all about it! Well actually we prefer you listen. But in case you are reading this far then you will be happy to know we finally have Sony PS5 release dates and pricing!  Boris and Phil kick around all the flavours and options as well as talk about titles and sales numbers. We even chat about market analysis! Following that some second season of a show called The Mandolorian dropped a trailer so we take a look at chat it up.  Give your ears a treat and have a listen!

  • Its Canon Podcast 14.1 – Where in the world is Boris?

    In this thrilling episode Tyler and Phil soldier on without their beloved host. We cover the moves in movie release schedules, Xbox pricing and options. Excitement everywhere for the new Dune trailer, Star Wars, a bit of Lego talk and what is new in geek TV. Give your ears to us you won't regret it!

  • Its Canon Podcast 13.2 – Its Canon Fandome

    On our featured topic episode Boris, Phil and Tyler give their impressions on DC Fandome. Specifically, the guys chat about The Batman, James Gunn's Suicide Squad, Black Adam, Wonder Woman 84, and the Snyder Cut of Justice League. On the video games front the guys chat about Gotham Knights and Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game. THe guys also chat about the DC Multiverse and the sudden charge of lesser known characters being given mainstream attention in video games, TV and Movies.